NTG's summer event consists of four days of classes and choreography sessions for ages 7 & up of all levels.  There will be a performance of all material on the final evening.  Days run approximately 9am-6pm and there are no viewing windows for observation although parents/teachers may stay if they wish.  Dancers are encouraged to pack a cooler for the day filled with lunch, healthy snacks, and water.  Please register today for this fun and educational event at NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts)!

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 If you are seeking honest and thorough critiques by well-educated, qualified judges...this is the event for you.  There are no "levels of competition" at NTG.  You are judged on the execution of the level of technique you have chosen to perform...as well as choreography and overall stage presence.  

NTG faculty consists of industry leaders in the professional dance world.  Most hold college degrees in the arts and are well versed in all genres of dance.  Some of our faculty include Dana Foglia, Kelsey Self, Liz Ramos, Laura Williams, Patrick Pugh, Lisette Bustamante, Teddy Tedholm, Nicki Loud, Miguel Zarate, and many talented others.

NTG prides itself on providing top notch education in all genres of dance.  Classes in at least four categories are taught to seniors and juniors.  Scholarships are awarded to those who attend ALL classes and put their best efforts forward.  The "NTG Encounter" concludes the day when material from all classes are performed for family and friends to enjoy.