2019/2020 Competition information

*Fees will be available in your account when you register for the event.


TITLE SOLO                   


DUO/TRIO  (2-3 dancers)                   

SMALL GROUP (4-9 dancers)         

LARGE GROUP (10-15 dancers)      

LINE (16-21 dancers)

PRODUCTION (22+ dancers)

PHOTOGENIC (all ages)          



Teeny Division              Ages 5-6(average age)

Mini Division                 Ages 7-9(average age)

Junior Division             Ages 10-12(average age)

Teen Division               Ages 13-15(average age)

Senior Division             Ages 16+(average age)


*To reach average age, add all ages of participants per entry together and divide by number of participants. If average age ends in 0.5, round up to the next age. Ages should be that of the date of competition. Birth certificates for all students competing should be brought to the convention for proof of age if asked. Photocopies are allowed.



BALLET - routine demonstrating ballet or pointe technique, dancers must wear ballet or pointe shoes to be entered in BALLET category


JAZZ - routine demonstrating jazz technique to up-tempo music, may not include more than 50% hip-hop or street-like moves


CONTEMPORARY JAZZ/MODERN - routine demonstrating a combination of elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical, and ballet.

LYRICAL  - routine utilizing both jazz and ballet technique combined


TAP - routine displaying tap technique


HIP-HOP - routine demonstrating hip-hop or street moves to popular music 


OPEN - routine demonstrating any one or combination of dance styles(acro,  clogging, character, novelty, pom, ethnic, etc…)


MUSICAL THEATRE - routine consisting of Broadway/Theater dance styles


*IMPROVISATION* - routine improved/choreographed at the time of performance without prior preparation or rehearsal.  Three song selections must be submitted on one (1) CD, NTG will select which song will be used.  




Solo - three minutes (3:00)

Duo/Trio/Small groups - three minutes (3:00)

Large groups & Lines - four minutes (4:00)

Production - seven minutes max (7:00)

*You may pay a flat fee of $15 if you choose to exceed the time limit on production and line routines ONLY, all other time limits will be enforced; deductions will be made accordingly. (One point per minute).


MUSIC  For each studio/independent: 1 USB with all entries properly titled in mp3 FORMAT ONLY...and with correct entry number/studio code (entry numbers/studio code will be sent to studio owners/parent via email a week prior), NO TAPES WILL BE ACCEPTED, please bring 2 CD's as backup with all entries titled on each CD. Please hand in USB and both backup CD's when you submit your music.  We ask that music be turned in either at convention check-in or  NO LATER THAN AN HOUR PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE COMPETITION.



RULES & REGULATIONS  *Note: Please read the rules & description on acro tricks.*

NTG reserves the right to disqualify or deduct points from any individual or entry that does not adhere to the rules listed below. Participation in any NTG event indicates permission to use any photographs or video taken during the event for any promotional use including but not limited to brochures, mail-outs, magazine or newspaper ads, videos, newsletters, websites, or any other publications. 



If paying by check, we request that you write ONE CHECK FOR CONVENTION FEES and ONE CHECK FOR COMPETITION FEES.  Checks are due and should be turned in at the same time.  Dancers may enter as many categories as they wish but cannot compete against themselves. Soloists may compete with a maximum of three solos.  Any studio that wishes to have more than one entry in the same category must have at least a 50% change in participants.   NO PERSONAL OR STUDIO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT.
Teachers nor professionals may compete but are welcome to enroll in the convention portion or enter the performance category to receive judges' critiques only.  Assistant teachers that are under the age of 21 and do not collect more than 50% of their total income from teaching may compete.


Safe, stage-friendly props are permitted. No dangerous props allowed (fire, sharp objects, live animals, etc…) Be careful of ceiling heights, if your studio has questions please contact the appropriate venue. NTG NOR THE VENUE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR STORAGE OF PROPS.


Routines must be age-appropriate and viewer friendly. If any one or all of the judges find the number inappropriate, serious point deductions or disqualification may occur. All decisions are final.


Please use discretion on costume choices. Costume accessories such as earrings, necklaces, hair stones, etc…should be kept to a minimum. Costume pieces that fly off during a performance may count against you. 


*Only three gymnastic/acro tricks or passes are allowed per routine before a 5 point deduction is incurred, any routine containing more than this should be entered in the Open category.  *Gymnastics/acro tricks include movement where the entire body leaves the ground for any length of time...aerial, back/front flip, back flip flop, etc...this does not include hand stands, cartwheels, front/back walkover/limbers, or front/back rolls.*


Coaching from the wings or audience seating is prohibited.


All numbers must compete in the order they are scheduled unless permission is granted for a costume change by an NTG staff member.

NTG reserves the right to move an event at any time necessary. The directors of NTG reserve the right to change, delete, or add to any of the rules/regulations, or policies at any time deemed necessary.



All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO PAY THROUGH OUR ONLINE PAYMENT CENTER, only studio checks, cashiers checks, and money orders are acceptable methods of payment.  Cashier checks & money orders will only be accepted two weeks out from event date.  Please make all checks payable to: 


5328 David Drive

Kenner, LA  70065


Any late entries or those requesting changes after the deadline will incur a $10 fee per entry ($15 for title solo.)  NO changes will be made 1 week prior to competition. One free program will be given to studios that have more than one entry.

Teachers’ packets (score sheets, critique recorders, music) may be picked up the morning after competition (if a two day event) or after awards (if a one day event.) 



Based on the combined scores of the judges the following awards will be given in each age & dance division:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place 

Honorable Mention


High Score Awards

High Score awards are given to overall top scoring routines in the following categories in all age divisions:  (Teeny, Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior) 

* Awards are given to approximately half of the total entries in each category*


High Score Solo 

High Score Duo/Trio

High Score Small Group

High Score Large Group

High Score Line/Production



A beautiful trophy and cash award goes to the overall highest scoring routine of the event, independent entries are not eligible.



Studio recognized with outstanding spirit, support for one another

and others with an overall positive attitude will receive a special award.



Studio demonstrating outstanding choreography in their routines will receive 

a special award.


JUDGES' AWARDS - Each judge will create several special awards for the routines of their choice.

OUTSTANDING SOLOIST AWARDS - An indefinite amount of awards will be given to exceptional solo performers or dancer in a group performance in each division. ​A scholarship to NTG's "Final Show" in the summer may be awarded to outstanding dancers in any solo portion of any NTG event.  These students will be featured in the final performance of the summer event and receive 50% off registration fees.  They will also receive a special gift for their achievements at this event.


At each competition five to ten routines will be chosen by the judges based on entertainment value (not scores) to perform again and compete for a five foot trophy and bragging rights as winner of this intense battle!